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Last update: 24 August 1999

  This page is dedicated to your speculations. Every day we get fan speculations sent to us, and have thus decided to open a page dedicated to them.

To send in your speculations, e-mail us. Please remember to state how you want to be credited (we keep your e-mail secure).

Please note that each mail will be read, so it might take a day or two for it to get posted.

Sections available: General Plot - Anakin's Fall

General Plot Dedicated to speculations about the general plot
Submitted by Matt P. (August 24):

Episode II:

Episode II is a love story, remember? 10 years later, they've heard nothing of the Sith, Obi-Wan is shown argueing in front of the council, saying they must take the threat seriously, or be destroyed. The council, says the master obviously destroyed himself with his own dark side powers. Obi-Wan sighs, then calls Anakin forward. Anakin has been away, training with Kenobi, and since the training is very intense, he has had no time to free his mother. He, however, after finishing his Padawan stage, has asked if he may go to Tatooine and free the slaves. The council agrees, and then we cut to Amidala.

She's in her normal clothes, like when she's Padme. She's taken the Senator position which Palpantine abdicated. Her aid is Jar-Jar, although he only plays a small role in the movie. The Senate is fighting about some minimal trade route...and you gather this isn't an uncommon occurance. Palpantine seems distracted, aloof, and Amidala mutters about him not living up to his promises.

Later that day, Amidala is walking out of the Senate chambers in a really cool palace thats built around the Senate house. She's walking with Jar Jarr, when suddenly someone in black jumps out behind her! She spins around...and it's Anakin! She rushes up and hugs him, asks him how he's been. You gather Anakin only visits every few years, but now that his training every few years. Obi Wan walks up, and reminds Anakin that he must keep his emotions at peace, because Anakin's giddy about Amidala. He reminds him that they're going to Tatooine, and they must hurry. Anakin looks forlorn, and promises that he'll talk to Amidala when he's back. As he's leaving, Amidala shouts that Anakin should meet her on Naboo, that's where she'll be.

Before we go there however...we peek into Sidious, in a really primal looking room. Sidious is there with...Three apprentices? Yep, I'm horrible with names so I'll give em stupid ones, but one's gaunt, death like. The next one's viscious, reminiscent of Maul. the others Tall, muscular. They each have nasty looking tattoos/patingins oh there faces, Sidious says, you know what to do, I have things to attend to. Go to Tatooine.

I won't go into the battles, because I'm looking at plot. However, Anakin and Obi-Wan land on Tatooine, and discover that half of Mos Espa is gone, blown up like in a bombing raid. However, a group of slaves is standing in the husk of a building, one of them is Anakin's mom. Anakin yells Mom! Obi-Wan warns him to stay at peace (He'll do this alot). Skywalker takes off in a dead run for his mom, however, a dark figure detaches from the's the Death looking Darth. However, Anakin can't tell, he only sense the Drak side. Anakin whips out his blue blades lightsaber, but Obi-Wan holds him back, warning him not to be hasty. Anakin shoves him away, telling him that he can take care of himself. Obi-Wan get's MAD. And grabs Anakin's lightsaber with the Force. Shmi looks at them, puzzled, and starts walking toward them. Then Darth Death makes his move! He flicks back his cloak and..BLAM! Force lightning on Shmi! Anakin yells NOOOO!, Force shoves Obi-Wan, and wings his lightsaber at Darth Death, cutting him down. Anakin runs to his mother, but she is already gone. The other two Darth's run up, and a fight ensures. Jedi win, but after the fight, Anakin runs off from Obi-Wan. Anakin rounds up C-3P0, and leaves in a different ship.

Obi-Wan returns to the council, furious telling them they've got to recoginze the threat, but the council is furious that he lost Anakin.

Anakin is shown landing on Naboo. He's distraught, mad, totally screwed. Amidala walks up to him, and he just totally loses it. She takes him into her castle, and we cut to...

Darth Sidious is walking through a really, really high tech instillation. It's on his secret planet, Mandalore. He's walking with a science guy. Sample dialogue: Scientist: After the failure of the Trade Federations Droids, we realized nothing replaces the human intelligence, the cunning, the...bloodlust. Sidious: If what you've claimed is possible... Scientist: You will perhaps the most skilled army, easily replaceble, with the latest in armory. I give you...The Mandalore Forces.

They walk into a ledge looking into what looks like a canyon. Inside are thousands of troops all wearing Boba Fett esque equipment. Sidious grins evilly and utters "Remove your helmets"

As they remove their helmets the close up reveals...they're all the same person! The scientist states "Yes, all clones" We can generate an entire army in weeks! And all profeccient with their equpiment" Sidious looks evil and says "Send them to Naboo"

Anakin is being consoled by Amidala. She says it' s not his fault etc., and Anakin starts blaming Obi-Wan. Amidala says it was no one's fault, but Anakin still blames him. After some romantic talk, Anakin talks about how he's always loved her, and while he was training with Obi-Wan, he would stretch out with the Force, and talk with her in her dreams. He asks her to marry him, and he accepts.

I won't describe the marriage, but it's a big affair. Meanwhile, the Jedi Council, with Obi-Wan, and an army is going to attempt to find the Sith base, but first, they stop over at Naboo, looking for Anakin. But just as they come out of does a primitive Star Destroyer! The pilots are driving the greatest ship in the Republic, and say that the Star Destroyer doesn't stand a chance. However, the S.D. opens up with it's laser batteries and...the Republic ship can only limp away. Obi-Wan orders the ship to land in Theed, he's sensed Anakin and must find him.

However, on the S.D., Sidious stands at the helm. He orders that they release the troops. Several landing ships land, and out marches the clones.

On Theed, Anakin and Obi-Wan can't get along, but a soldier runs in. He says an army is marching towards Theed, and that they can not reach Palpantine on Coruscant. Anakin agrees to fight with Obi-Wan, but they will discuss what happened after the battle.

So the army and some Jedi square off against the Mandalore on the battlefield. The army's fight, and we get some awesome shots of Jedi whooping up on entire groups of guys. Anakin and Obi-Wan are fighting back to back, and winning. However, this is when the Mandalore show off what they've got. An elite group (They wear different color armor, with more accessorry's) Blast in on rocket packs. Anakin mouths something about the Force senses of all the troops seeming off. Obi-Wan nods, and they launch in.

This will be maybe the greatest fight scene ever. The Mandalore use everything they've got, grenades, Vibroblades, missiles, lasers, etc. However, the Jedi counter with their force powers. Then one nails Anakin with his rope (It's the one Fett used on Luke in ROTJ), then another. Soon, Anakin is all tied up, horribly. Obi-Wan lets loose a wave of Force, that buffets the troops. Anakin is still caught however, and Obi-Wan notices that all the guys who's helmets he knocked off are the same.

Obi-Wan shouts that they're clones, as 3 of them rush at him. Obi-Wan can fight them off...but the ones who caught Anakin fly off. And land on a ship which flies off.

The Republic army is in retreat. Obi-Wan runs into Theed, finds Amidala, tells her what happened, and they take off. Anakin is taken before Sidious who reveals himself to be...Palpantine. Anakin shouts stuff about Sith Spawn, but Palpantine counters that the Jedi have feed Anakin lies, and that they must talk...thus ending Episode II.

While there will be some fight scenes, there's going to be alot of love between Amidala and Anakin, and several scenes revealing how much Anakin thinks about Amidala.

Submitted by Darth D. (August 24):

Episode II:

In the beginning of the story, The older Obi-Wan Kenobi train's the much more mature Anakin Skywalker. Both of them are more close to each other like father and son. Senator Palpatine(Darth Sidious) makes up a phony allegation that Shmi Skywalker is in trouble. He tells Anakin and he leaves Naboo(where the beginning takes place) to go to Tatooine to save his Mother and the rest of the slaves. Without Obi-Wan's permission, he fly's to his home land and finds that his Mother has been murdered!. Little does he know Senator Palpatine is behind the murder he purposely hired a bounty hunter to hunt and kill Shmi Skywalker knowing that Anakin would feel anger due to his fear. When he goes back to Naboo, he tells Queen Amidala of the tragedy. She then comforts him and thus starts their path to love. As he goes to Obi-Wan he tells him also of the murder. He and Obi-Wan mourn other her death and continue to train but with little lack of enthusiasm from Anakin. Anakni then spot's Senator Palpatine and asks him how he knew her mom was in trouble. He said he felt it. Anakin then ponders about what he meant. Palpatine told him that he has the force too. He said he knows people that know the darkside of the force. He persuades Anakin that the dark side is not as bad as Obi-Wan and the Jedi council say. He then tells him that the Jedi killed his mother. In a fearless rage, Anakin confronts the Jedi council and accuse them of the death of his mother. He then leaves the council to tell Queen Amidala. She then backs up the Jedi by telling him that they couldn't of done it. In the last scene, you see Anakin Skywalker side by side with Darth Sidious revealing to him he is Senator Palpatine. Before he turns his back on the Jedi, Anakin conceives Amidala with the soon to be Lea and Luke Skywalker not knowing Amidala was conceived. This is my speculation for the second episode.

Episode III:

In the third episode, Darth Sidious constructs the Storm Troopers and Tie Fighters. Thus, the beginning of "The Clone Wars". The reason why they would call it the Clone Wars would probably be because they cloned Storm Troopers. Anakin Skywalker learns of the dark side of the force. Obi-Wan Kenobi finds out that Anakin has betrayed the Jedi. Darth Sidious reveals himself to the Jedi and because he is Senator he has control of the senate!. He then declares war on the Jedi. Storm Troopers then raid the Jedi Temple and kills all except Mace Windu and Yoda. Yoda flees Coruscant knowing he will be hunted down if he stays so goes to the Degobah. Mace Windu and the Naboo arrange a offense on the upstart Empire. Mace Windu will fly the Millenium Falcon and the Rebellion will of constructed new space crafts like the x-wing and y-wing. Meanwhile, Anakin calls Obi-Wan to Sigma Volcanus a volcanic world because he thinks Obi-Wan killed his mother. Obi-Wan then fights Anakin and then strikes him with his saber and Anakin falls into a volcano. Obi-Wan then takes his Light Saber. When Darth Sidious knew Anakin had fallen into a volcano, he retrieves him and to save life, he applies dark armore to him and thus, you have Darth Vader. Little does the Sith Lord know his new son and daughter could bring him to his downfall.

Submitted by BJ (August 24):

Episode II:

In the last ten years there has been no sighting of the other Sith. The Jedi Council are wary however, knowing that the Sith always come in pairs. Darth Sidious is yet to gain himself a new apprentice but has his eye on Anakin Skywalker.

Kitster, a friend of Anakinís from Tatooine has escaped the slavery of Tatooine by locating his transmitter (in the ball of his foot) and removing it. He came to live on Coruscant and is now part of the Republic Army.

Palpatine has become a much admired and powerful leader. People like his forthright yet diplomatic ways of dealing with problems, and the way he has taken charge of the bureaucrats.

Since Episode One ended, Obi Wan has been training Anakin in the ways of the Force. Anakin is now almost ready to become a Jedi. Obi Wan is delaying his taking of the trials however, because whilst he has been able to teach Anakin the physical and mental skills involved with being a Jedi and using the Force, he has been unable to teach Anakin how to control his emotions. (ďI thought that I could teach your father as well as Yoda taught me. I was wrong.Ē) Anakin has not learned to be patient and is obsessed with returning to Tatooine to free the slaves, be a hero and be reunited with his mother. Obi Wan stresses with him the importance to use the Force only for knowledge and protection.

The Jedi Council has seen how powerful Anakin is becoming and is concerned that without adequate control, he could become a dangerous renegade, as other would-be-Jedi have before him. If he is allowed to cut short his training and use his powers straight away, he will begin on the path to the Dark Side. This is a dangerous period for all young Jedi, where they will be tempted to rebel.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine knows that Anakinís weakness is his mother. If he can persuade Anakin to give in to his emotions and try to rescue his mother, it will be easier to bring him to the Dark Side.

Meanwhile an army of Mandalorian Warriors begin to attack some planets in the outer rim, attempting to conquer them. [These warriors have been sent by Darth Sidious to lure the Jedi] Because the outer rim planets are not under Republic control, the Senate is unsure whether to interfere and send in the Republic troops. Independently, the Jedi Council agrees to fight off the Mandalores.

The battle takes place on Dosha. This is the first in a series of battles, later to be known as the Clone Wars. Anakin is not considered ready for battle and, against his will, is forced to remain behind on Coruscant. There he meets up with Palpatine and Queen Amidala of Naboo, who he met years earlier in Episode One. Amidala and Anakin hit it off immediately and Anakin momentarily forgets his frustration with the Jedi. He vents his frustrations with Palpatine, who is a good listener and understands how Anakin feels. Palpatine reveals to Anakin that he is also a user of the Force and, like Anakin, has been frustrated in the past by the Jedi Council and their cautious ways. The pair strike up a friendship.

The Dosha battle is a bloody affair. The Mandalores are skilled and ferocious warriors and have an enormous advantage in numbers, but eventually the Jedi overcome them. Mace Windu, Obi Wan and Yoda are the heroes of the battle. Several Jedi have been slain.

After the victory when the Jedi return to Coruscant, word comes through that another Mandalore army is attacking Tatooine. Once again the Jedi are called into action, despite their decreased numbers. This time Palpatine sends the Republic Army to help them. The Jedi canít believe how many Mandalores there are. They thought that they were all killed on Dosha.

When Anakin hears that the Jedi are to go to Tatooine to fight the Mandalores and free the slaves he is beside himself. His adrenalin rushes. Yoda doesnít think that Anakin should come, that he hasnít yet learned control, but Obi Wan thinks that he is ready. Anakin canít be stopped anyway. He has dreamed of this for years.

The Mandalores have taken control of Tatooine from the Hutts, who have offered little resistance. The Jedi and Republic troops attack the Mandalores in the second battle of the Clone Wars. The battle takes place both in the skies above Tatooine and on the ground. Anakin, being a brilliant pilot, is assigned to the space fight, much to his frustration. He wishes to be on Tatooine to rescue his mother personally. In the space battle his co pilot is his old friend Kitster, from Tatooine. Kitster tells Anakin that when he left his mother was well.

During the epic space battle, Anakin and Kitster desert the fleet and land on Tatooine to help the Jedi there. Anakin searches everywhere for his mother, fighting Mandalores at the same time. He becomes increasingly desperate when he canít find her and his anger helps him fight the Mandalores. He is crushed when he sees the town he grew up in has been destroyed. There is no sign of his mother. He uses his fury to attack the Mandalores with a new vengeance, his light sabre flashing wildly.

Kitster still has friends on Tatooine he wishes to rescue. He dons the armour of a fallen Mandalore as a disguise so that he can move through the slave camps unhindered. A Jedi mistakes him for a real Mandalore and attacks him. Kitster is forced to defend himself. Anakin watches in horror as the Jedi launches a light sabre assault on Kitster but he neednít have worried. Kitster has become a strong and dirty fighter. He runs the Jedi through with his own light sabre. Anakin keeps a mental note of this. Later Kitster becomes Boba Fett, and keeps the body armour.

Mace Windu, also fighting on Tatooine, finds out that many of the slaves have been imprisoned in Gardola the Huttís underground dungeon. Anakin immediately sets off to see if Shmi is among them.

The dungeon, below Gardolaís mighty palace, is heavily guarded. Anakin is unperturbed, slashing his way in. Never before has a Jedi fought with such passion and brutality. Mace Windu joins Anakin in the storming of the palace. Anakin heads straight for the dungeon levels. Windu inadvertently starts a fire which spreads quickly. Everyone flees the burning palace, but many of the prisoners are still trapped in their cells. Windu urges Anakin to flee also, but he refuses. Anakin braves the fiery conditions to free as many slaves as he can (one of the slaves he frees is his friend Kitster, who later dons Mandalore armour and becomes Boba Fett), all the time searching for his mother. Finally he sees her, trapped in a cell. The dungeons are beginning to collapse. The roof caves in between Shmi and Anakin and he canít get to her. He can hear her screaming his name and hammering on the bars as the flames engulf her cell. Mace Windu pulls Anakin to safety as the entire palace goes up in flames, now a raging inferno.

Anakin is inconsolable after this. A permanent wedge has been driven between him and the Jedi due to the failure to save his mother.

The Republic Army find C-3PO on Tatooine and take him back to Coruscant. The battle has been won and the scarred and injured Jedi go to Naboo to recuperate. There Anakin finds solace in the arms of Amidala. She sees his pain and comforts him. Anakin vows to abandon his training.

Yoda is beginning to suspect something. His suspicions are realised when another Mandalore army attacks another planet. He realises that the Jedi are being manipulated by someone, perhaps by the other Sith ? Again the Jedi, despite their decreased numbers, go to fight the Mandalores. Anakin is disillusioned and does not join them. He remains on Naboo with Amidala. Palpatine makes a surprise visit to Naboo and Anakin bemoans the lack of power the Jedi seem to have, how they have restricted him and how they killed his mother by not allowing him to go and rescue her earlier. Palpatine listens to his thoughts with interest and agrees with him.

Amidala and Anakin are very taken with each other and fall in love. The Jedi have another struggling victory over the Mandalores, but by now their numbers are heavily depleted, as are the Republic Army.

Anakin and Amidala go with Palpatine back to Coruscant where Anakin confronts the Jedi Council. He tells them of his plans to abandon his Jedi training and expresses his anger at their slow, methodical way of doing things. Anakin points out that Palpatine feels as he does. Yoda is intrigued by some of the things Palpatine has said to Anakin. Putting two and two together, Yoda realises that Palpatine is the other Sith, that he is the one pulling the strings causing the Mandalores to attack, and is after Anakin. Yoda warns Anakin that Palpatine is manipulating his thoughts but Anakin doesnít believe him.

News comes through that more Mandalores are attacking Naboo. The Jedi have caught on to Palpatineís hidden agenda however, and donít go to fight. Anakin is stunned and furious. He returns to Naboo with Amidala. Palpatine and whatís left of the Republic Army go with them. Anakin is pleased that Palpatine has the courage to act, rather than hold back like the Jedi.

On the way, Palpatine reveals secretly to Anakin that he is in fact Darth Sidious. Anakin is first of all wary, remembering the warning given to him by Yoda. But all is forgotten when they reach Naboo. Together Anakin and Sidious fight the Mandalores. Anakin is amazed at how powerful Sidious is. The Mandalores are no match for him. He kills them ten times easier than the Jedi did. Anakin is also amazed and pleased at how powerful he feels fighting alongside Sidious, using his hatred rather than controlling his emotions. After the battle is won Palpatine promises to teach Anakin the secrets of the Dark Side. Anakin reacts positively to the new power he feels, which is like a drug. Palpatine strokes his ego and encourages him to follow his feelings, let his love for Amidala flow, let out his anger and frustration with the Jedi. Anakin has learnt from Sidious that the Dark Side is much more powerful than the Jedi. Anakin is even more disillusioned with the Jedi after their failure to fight on Naboo. Sidious reveals that the Jedi are soon to be hunted down and killed.

The Jedi Council are divided. They realise that they are losing Anakin to Sidious. Anakin could be the most powerful Jedi that they have ever produced, but if turned, he could be their most dangerous enemy. Because Anakin wants to marry Amidala this will further harm his chances of becoming a Jedi. Yoda worries about the strength of Anakinís emotions but knows itís these emotions that make him so powerful.

Obi Wan goes to Naboo to try to bring Anakin back. He talks to Anakin, expressing his suspicion of Palpatineís motives. Obi Wan tells Anakin that he is being foolish and naive. This hurts Anakinís pride and makes him even more determined to leave the Jedi and to join Palpatine.

Obi Wan tries a different tack. He points out how Palpatine has used Anakin and toyed with his emotions. How he has twisted Anakinís love for his mother and Amidala to turn him against the Jedi. How the Mandalorians were cloned by Palpatine to decrease the numbers of the Jedi and the Republic Army. How Palpatine has tricked him into believing that the Dark Side is both good and powerful. That everything that occurred was part of Palpatineís plan to gain Anakin as his new apprentice.

Anakin still respects Obi Wan, his master, and is confused and torn. The film ends with Anakin facing the choice of becoming a Jedi or marrying Amidala. Obi Wan makes it clear that he canít have both.

Submitted by Flow Pro (August 24):

Episode II:

Anakin will be training with Obi-Wan and Yoda. His anger (anakin) is very appearant to both Yoda and Obi-Wan. He is being taught to let go of his fear and hate for if he does not he will turn to the dark side. He will seem appareantly calm while in the prescence of Jedi but there will be scenes of him taking his anger and frustrastion out with his lightsaber on trees and attacking animals. A Jedi will see these acts and report them to the council. They warn him that there will be a harsh punishment if he can not control his hate.

Darth Sidious a.k.a. Chancellor Palplatine a.k.a Emperor Palpatine Now Chancellor Palpatine will start to befriend Anakin and tell him that he should listen to his heart not the Jedi. Emperor Palpatine will arrange for his apprentice (whoever that may be) to meet with anakin while he is by himself. The apprentice will show him the power of the dark side but Anakin is confused at first. He is thinking about leaving the Jedi and training with the apprentice.

The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars are probably the most appealing aspect of Episode 2. Emperor Palpatine will make clones which I am most positive will not be clones of fallen Jedi but similar style to stormtroopers with jedi ability. The clones will attack a small, planet on the outlying edge of the Rim. Many Jedi Knights and some of the Jedi Council will go to stop the clones. While the Jedi are there there will be an opportunity for Emperor Palpatine to take over Coruscant.

The turning of Anakin
While fighting along side the Jedi in the Clone Wars, Anakin will go of into a jungle type area because the force is telling him there is something there. He will be confronted by the apprentice and other Dark Jedi (If you argue about "other dark jedi" i will explain. The Jedi Council stated there could be only two, a master and an apprentice, SITH LORDS not dark jedi. In ancient times the Sith were all lords but they did not agree with each other and killed each other out. So it was agreed that there would only be two lords but could be dark jedi, thank you) he will have to fight but sees he cannot win. Now the Dark Jedi will do something similar when they turned Exar Kun (an ancient sith lord who was the first Sith Lord to wield a Lightstaff(double sided lightsaber) Anakin is forced to use one of the Dark Force powers taught to him by the apprentice to survive. After this he finds that all of the Light Force powers do not work. Then Emperor Palpatine walks over to him and then Anakin will become a dark Jedi. Then it will go to a battleground of slain Jedi and Clones. Fleeing will be Yoda, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Adi-Gallia, and few others.

Queen Amidala will tell the remaining Jedi that she is pregnant and they all sense it is Anakins children, they all think the best thing to do is to hide her on Alderann.
Obi-Wan senses Anakin and goes to fight him. He arrives an ancient Sith planet (probably Massassi) he goes to a bridge above a molten pit of a some metal and Anakin is waiting. They have an extremely crazy fight injuring both badly but Anakin much more severely. He falls into the pit, losing an arm in the process and has to claw his way out. The Emperor then has Anakin taken to be "fixed". Obi-Wan is healing and tells Yoda and Mace that a great wrong has taken place in the galaxy and the force may never have balance again. Then it goes to a scene of the new apprentice Darth Vader training with Emperor Palpatine in a Sith temple

Submitted by Sith3037 (August 24):

Episode II:

We will see Anakin and Amidala develop a relationship. They will get married towards the end of the film. Either Anakin or Amidala will be hurt in some battle for justice. Then there will be a love scene like at the end of ROTJ where Leia is shot. Palpatine will take an interest in Anakin. He will take Anakin in like a son. Everyone will take this as a good sign. What they don't know is that Palpatine is changing Anakin's views on everything. He will turn Anakin against the Jedi. Anakin will believe lies that the Dark Side is just more powerful than the regular Force. Palpatine will tell Anakin that Sith are good, but the Jedi hate them because Sith can wield the Dark Side and Jedi can't. Palpatine will reveal himself as a Sith and give Anakin secret training. The Clone Wars will begin. However, the Clone Wars will only begin. Obi-Wan will play an important part in Episode2. He will be the Qui-Gon Jinn of Episode2. The movie will concentrate mainly on politics, Anakin's development, and Anakin and Amidala's relationship.

Submitted by Dutanee (August 07):

The beggining

Anakin and Obi-Wan are jedi gaurds of Queen Amidalla. During the 10 years Anakin and Amidala strike up a deep relationship with each other. They develop a strong bond between them, in fact they are closer to each other than they are to anyone else. Obi-Wan is general of the Naboo forces and he teaches Anakin the ways of the force. Obi-Wan is patient while Anakin is not. Anakin feels that he can learn faster than Obi-Wan is teaching him and this causes some friction in their friendship.

Palpatine has struck up a friendship with Anakin and feeds his character weaknesses of impatience, ambition, and anger. Palpatine through he friendly conversations with Anakin subconcously teaches him the ways of the Sith. He says things like "Their is nothing wrong with the easy way" or "From what I have heard their is two natures of force".

Meanwhile the Planets of the Galactic Republic have rapidly developed horendous military technologies that stike fear in the Galactic Republic. Battle Droids and clones are being sold by the Trade Federation in order to compensate for their lost profits caused by the Naboo incident 10 years ago. The build up of weapons has caused other planets to war with each other and the constant fighting is causing the Galactic Republic to fall apart.


Obi-Wan agrees to help senator Bail Organa stop the ruthless Mandalorian troopers from attacking his planet. Obi-Wan tries to persuade Anakin to help him but he decides to leave Obi-Wan because he wants to learn faster.

Anakin finds out that his mother was sold to Jabba The Hut and Anakin, of course runs off to find her. Lord Sidios tells Jabba to place Shmi in the desert where baby sarlacs will come up and feed on her. Many Mandalorian troops are place in such a way to slow Anakin down. Anakin finds out where she is and goes off to free her. The troops are slowing him down and this causes Anakin to get impatient and fearfull. He sees his mom about to get eaton and Ani hears a voice in his head from Lord Sidious, "Anakin, use the true nature of the force its the only way to save your mother". Anikin gives in to the dark side to free his mom. He rescues her but Anakin is so changed by the dark side that his mom says "You are no longer the boy I remember who left home many years ago" and she run away from him in fear.

Their is growing pressure with in the senate to make the Chancellor more powerfull to keep the republic together. Chancellor Palpatine persuades the senate to give him absolute power to prevent the collapse of the republic.

Meanwhile, some on the Jedi Council have long suspected the Palpatine is not all what he appears to be and Mace Windu finds out that he is really Lord Sidious. Sidious tells his new apprentice, Darth Vader, to kill Mace Windu before he tells everyone else. Windu and Vader have a Lightsaber duel and Vader kills him. The new Emporer fears that the Jedi will try to stop him so he tells everyone that the Jedi have for a 1000 generations been controlling the republic for their own dubious needs. He gets his Imperial StormTroopers, under the leadership of Darth Vader, to successfully hunt down and kill the Jedi. Obi-Wan meanwhile at Alderan was to pined down with helping Organa to do anything to help but he suspects that many jedi are hidden so he and Yoda have a meeting at a unknown world called degabah. All the Jedi feel loyal to the old republic and want to do something to destroy the empire now. Obi-Wan and Yoda feel that they must wait for the right time for they know they are no match for the empire.

The remaining Jedi begin to join forces with Mon Motha, Bail Organa and others who don't like the new Empire or its Emporer.

The emporer, who wants all Jedi to be dead, fears the possibility that Anakin's offspring will one day try to destroy his empire. He sends lord Vader to kill Queen Amidala and her still unborn child. Obi-Wan senses that Vader will do this so he rushes to Queen Amidala side. Obi-Wan informs her of what happened to Anakin but she doesn't believe that Anakin will try to kill her. She tryies to change him back to what he once was by delibately putting herself in harms way of Vader/Anakin. Obi-Wan lets her try because deep down, though he know it is impossible, wants Anakin to turn back. Vader tracks Amidalla down in Naboos underworld of volcanic caves. At first she is very glad to see Anakin but she soons relizes what he has become. Vader lunges after her but right before Obi-Wan darts out and blocks his attack. At this point Vader and Obi-Wan duel it out. During the duel an volacnic erruption takes place and a rockslide crushes Anakins body. Obi-Wan sees this but their is nothing he can do so he leaves but before he leaves he turns and says "You will always be my friend, Anakin. I wish I taught you better".

Anakin gets himself out of the cave without Obi-Wan knowing about it and builds himself a cyborg body to replace his broken one.

And the movie ends with Vader infamous breathing sound playing as the movie screen slown goes dark.......

Submitted by AMLeadbeater (August 07):

Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine will not declare himself emperor in episode two. Palpatine will forge a friendship with Anakin Skywalker with the purpose of corrupting him over to the dark side. Darth Sidious will reveal himself to be Chancellor Palpatine to Anakin at the end of the film.

Shmi Skywalker will be murdered in episode two; the result of Palpatine. This will be the beginning of Anakin's transgression towards the darkside. He will not be swayed completely however. He will remain loyal to Obi-wan, but will grow closer to Palpatine who will offer constant reassurances.

We will not see a young Han Solo anywhere in the prequels. There is no reason to incorporate him in the earlier story.

Queen Amidala will be pregnant at the end of episode two with Anakin's children.

The clone wars will break out towards the end of episode two because that is the only point in the prequels where the will fit. Episode one was an introduction, the first half of episode two will be a reintroduction and will also be the portion where Anakin will attempt to rescue his mother, and episode three will be concerned with Anakin's full-fledged downfall.

Submitted by vader999 (June 27):


Deep space, we see a gigantic transporter leaving a planet. Inside are two pilots and the entire ship is carrying an army of cloned humans in Mandalorian style body armor....Aboard the ship is someone in charge, a leader...A hologram of Darth Sidious appears asking if the clones are ready to attack....There are hundreds inside of the ship and they attack a planet in the outlying star systems near Naboo called Alderaan....

Sidious and Palpatine are the same people. Palpatine begins changing policies and faces a lot of opposition from many systems. The clones will be used to secretly enforce the Chancellor Palpatines "New Order" Planets will have to completely surrender themselves to these cloned armies..


Obi-Wan is training Anakin and feels Anakin is too proud, impatient, and reckless. Anakin's training is of course very slow. News of the attacks from these cloned warriors reaches the Galactic Republic. Anakin and Obi-Wan and many of the Jedi Knights are sent by Palpatine to the system to fight. Palpatine knows that these warriors are too powerful even for Jedi Knights. Meanwhile Queen Amidala is sympathetic to Alderaan and offers her assistance. Amidala and her security troops go to Alderaan. She does this also because she does not want her planet to suffer the same fate. She and Anakin are reunited during the height of Battle. The Naboo and the Jedi push back this group of clones. They learn that these are actually clones and that somehow this Sith Master is involved.

They have not seen each other in so long but they still deeply care for each other. Anakin has turned out to be quite the handsome fellow and there is a strong attraction between the two. It takes them a while to get together. Obi-Wan warns Anakin that a Jedi should really not consider marriage or a love relationship because a Jedi should feel peace and not emotion and it could have a devastating effect on Anakin. Anakin rejects Obi-Wan's advice and asks Amidala to marry him.......

Shmi Skywalker:

Somewhere in the film, Anakin decides to return to Tatooine to free his mother but Obi-Wan shares a vision with Anakin that his mother will be killed . Obi Wan says the vision is cloudy as to what will happen but tells Anakin that she will not survive this rescue. Anakin goes to Palpatine and asks for his assistance. Palpatine begins to teach Anakin that the Jedi are not always right. Anakin and Palpatine have this talk and Palpatine takes Anakins side about marriage and rescuing his mother. Anakin starts to feel that the Jedi are holding back his chance for any happiness. Palpatine has cloned a few Jedi Knights and kills the Jedi after that. He uses these clones. The clones are sent with Anakin to Tatooine. Anakin and the cloned Jedi return. Anakin is reunited with his mother. They talk and have quality time together the night before the rescue. There is a battle on Tatooine. The cloned Jedi become confused and go mad and kill Shmi. Anakin watches in horror and tries to save her but it is too late.....He is filled with complete anger and despair.

Anakin tells the Jedi where they can stick their force:

He returns to Coruscant and confronts the Jedi Council and Obi-Wan. He stops training to be a Jedi. Palpatine and Amidala comfort him. Amidala does not trust Palpatine and at this point tries to keep the two of them apart. They are married near the end of the film....Palpatine develops a strong attachment to Anakin and treats him like a son. Amidala warns Anakin that Palpatine is up to something and asks that he not get too involved with him. Anakin does not listen. Amidala feels that Anakin has truly changed and feels hopeless.

Palpatine Reveals himself:

Cloned troopers land on Coruscant where Palpatine reveals that he is Darth Sidious and declares himself Emperor. He uses the Jedi as a scapegoat for the recent conflicts. He officially declares his "New Order" The Galaxy is thrown into a tailspin. Palpatine reveals that Anakin is his next in command. He then annonces that the Planet will be temporarily under military rule while he leaves to further his knowledge of the force. Palpatine sends a galaxy wide holo transmission of his new Policies and the Jedi Knights are put on a serious warning. The Jedi are asked to leave Coruscant by Palpatine and the citizens strongly support this as they are twisted by Palpatine. Anakin and Palpatine disappear.


Amidala confides in Obi-Wan that she is pregnant. Obi-Wan assures her that he will find Anakin and bring him back and save him. Naboo has fallen under Imperial Control and becomes and oppressive planet. Amidala has lost her power there. He also tells her not to return to Naboo because Anakin will find her and sense that she is pregnant. They hook up with Bail Organa of Alderaan. Obi-Wan watches as Amidala and Bail leave together so she can go into hiding.

Submitted by CrazyCh99 (June 27):

It will start out with the return of Darth Maul.

But Darth Sidious, whoever that person was in Ep 1, has already found another apprentice, Darth Rage, from rumors I have heard. This gets Darth Maul mad and leaves Darth Sidious to find Obi-Wan.

It then turns over to Anakin, Jar Jar, and R2-D2 on Tatooine, looking for his mother. They enter Watto's shop, and C-3PO, greets them. Anakin is happy to see him, but C-3PO doesn't remember any of them. Watto enters the room and demand who he is. Anakin tells him and Watto is surprise. Anakin demands he release his mother, Watto doesn't have her anymore. Anakin gets mad and throws him across the room with the Force. He asks the question one more time and Watto replies by saying he sold her to a Hutt, maybe Jabb. Anakin starts to leave and calls C-3PO with him, Watto gets up and says he is his and Anakin starts to use the Force to pull C-3PO out of the room, Watto says just take him and he will never get his mother out alive. Anakin says, wait and see.

We see Obi-Wan, Mace Windu and Bail Organa fighting the Clones War on some planet. Must of their team has been killed and Obi-Wan, who all a sudden because very powerful in the force gets his team out, on the way out Obi-Wan is confronted by Darth Rage. They fight, Obi-Wan is badly hurt, but makes it to the ship and they head back to headquarters.

Back to Tatooine. We see a room filled with people and see a Hutt, not Jabb, in the center, everyone is having a good time, beside one women. She enters the room with a glass, but drops it. She starts to get beaten up, when Anakin enters the room, seeing this, gets him, very mad. In rage of hate, he kills mostly everyone in the room and takes his mother back to Naboo.

On the ship, Mace, starts to heal Obi-Wan cuts, he tells him he must us the Force to help heal himself. It is then he feels something in the Force, something Dark, Mace wants to know what, he doesn't want to tell him, because it had a vision of Anakin in it. But, Obi-Wan tells they have to do something about Darth Rage. Mace agrees and leaves Obi-Wan to rest, as he rest, Qui-Gon, comes to him, tells him why he didn't disappear and tells he has do a great job with Anakin, but he has to teach him how to control his hate, like how Qui-Gon had to with Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan says yes and he disappears.

Back on Naboo, Anakin, puts a cold cloth on this mother face. She is very sick, dying. The Queen enters and Anakin introduces them together. She is happy he is marrying her and she happy to be there. The Queen takes Anakin out the room and tells him Obi-Wan is coming back from the Wedding and has some great news. Anakin, is happy to Obi-Wan, but is sad to see a hurt one, when he gets off the ship. Most of the Jedi Council is on Naboo for the wedding and the whole planet is getting ready for this event.

Obi-Wan tells Anakin that he is a Jedi Knight now and he should be proud. Obi-Wan starts to go on, on how he will not need him anymore, but Anakin cuts him off saying Obi-Wan will always be his master, teacher, friend and father to him. They hug. A sweet moment. But obi-wan makes Anakin promise him, he will control his hate better, that he must. Anakin promises him and Obi-Wan tells him a small story on how, he almost let in to the hate but it was YOda and Qui-Gon who saved him. Anakin promise and leave Obi-Wan to rest and enters a room with Jedi Council.

Anakin says thank you for letting him be a knight and how is dream is complete with his mother free now. The Jedi want him to hunt down this Darth Rage character and find the Sith. Anakin being their most strongest Jedi, he be the best for the Job.

That night Anakin, tells the Queen he will be gone for a while, but will back in time for the wedding, she doesn't like it at first but they kiss and spend the night together.

In the morning, Anakin is about to leave with R2-D2 and C-3PO, when Obi-Wan enters the ship's hanger. He is walking very slow and is still healing. Anakin knows he not supposed to tell any one of his mission, but tells Obi-Wan. He asks Obi-Wan to watch over the Queen and his mother, Obi-Wan promise. Obi-Wan asks him to remember his promise to him, about control his hate better, Anakin, smiles and says he remembers. Before he leaves, Obi-Wan tells him, if needs help, to call Obi-Wan with the Force and he will be there. Anakin leaves.

Darth Sidious and Darth Rage walk together, they know that the Jedi council has sent Anakin, and their plan is going good so far. Darth Rage leaves to go fight Anakin and Darth Sidious leaves to visit a friend, Oh Palpaine, where are you?

Back on Naboo, Obi-Wan tends to the sick mother, the Queen is very worry, Obi-Wan tells her, that Anakin will be back in time. When a women walks in calling Obi-Wan "Ben." They hug and we find out this is an old "friend" of Obi-Wan. She was just happen to be on the planet and heard the great Jedi Obi-Wan was on the planet. We find out she calls him "Ben" because she believes that under all that Jedi stuff, there is a normal person, that has a normal name, Ben. They spend the rest of the night together and look at the starts, she points to one and says that is were they first meet, they kid around and he ask, if they every had kids, what would they call them, she says, "Luke and Liea."

Cut to Anakin on the ship. He flies his ship though some space battle and take out some ships and helps the good side, he lands on the base and is immdely confronted by Darth Rage. Darth Rage is very powerful and a good match for Anakin. Darth Rage, keeps throwing images of his dying mother in his head, or an image of his wife to be, being hurt, or an image of Obi-Wan in pain. This gets him mad and attacks him with hate, which makes him more powerful. But he finds, it is not good enough and is almost about to be killed by Darth Rage. With all the Force, Anakin calls out to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan awakes from bed, with someone next to him, in a cold sweat. He felt Anakin's call for help. Obi-Wan calls out with the Force and sends Anakin some more power. Anakin smiles as he feels Obi-WANs power and pushes Darth Rage off of him. Anakin badly hurts Darth Rage, but since Darth Rage is part machine, it doesn't hurt him, but he leaves.

Anakin packs up his things and gets R2-D2 AND C-3PO and heads back to Naboo.

Anakin, makes it back in time. The whole planet is at the wedding. the whole Jedi Council, Obi-Wan and his "just Friend" stand next Anakin, as The Queen walks down the isle with the Captain Panka at her side, towards Anakin.

In a castle room, lies Anakin's mother. She is in bed, her window open so she can hear the wedding, she smiles and dies.

The end will be a happy one, Jar Jar will be running around, making people laugh but at the end, Darth Maul will enter the scene.

Submitted by Richten and Darthomo (June 26):

  • Episode 2 will focus on Palpatine's rise to power and subsequently the rise of the empire. We may or may not see Palpatine declare himself "emperor," but he will definitely reveal to Anakin Skywalker that he is also a user of the Force. Many believe that Episode 2 will focus heavily on the Mandalorians. Bobba Fett will play a significant role in this episode, while Mace Windu will be a strong character for the Jedi.

  • Episode 2 will reveal the existence of a secret society of users of the Dark side of the Force. Remember that the Jedi "believe" that for over a thousand years there have been only 2, a master and an apprentice. However, that is merely the way the Sith has survived for this time by having the Jedi believe this. Remember that in Episode I, Darth Maul says to Sidious, "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi." Would it be wise or logical even for overconfident evil Sith lords to assume that 2 Sith lords could take on Obiwan, Qui-Gon, the Jedi council, and those Jedi which are not seen in the movie? Also remember that when talking to the Viceroy about finding the runaway Queen, Sidious informs the Viceroy that the task of finding them would not be difficult for the Sith. If 2 Sith lords are really all that powerful, why would they have to be hiding all this time? Palpatine is obviously attempting an overthrow or an imbalance to the Force. How is he supposed to overthrow or unbalance the power of the Jedi with only an apprentice? For this reason, expect Palpatine to have a secret society of either Dark Jedis or other users of the Dark Side. From this pool of force sensitive individuals, Palpatine will select one to take on as his apprentice. Some believe it is one by the name of Detori. Other names floating around include Darth Rage.

  • Anakin will begin his path to the Dark Side (obviously). However, it will not be how many people think. It will not be a sudden or quick jump to the Dark Side, but rather, a slow and strong bond with Palpatine. Recall prior instances of Anakin's loyalty for his own personal gain. On Tatooine, Anakin wanted to be a podracer driver. His mother was against it, and Watto had almost banned him from driving again because he destroyed one of his pods. Qui-Gon Jinn provided Anakin a means to race once again and to fulfill his desire to race. Hence, while the seemingly kind hearted child appeared to be interested in helping the Jedis, he was actually hoping that these Jedi would be able to provide him the means to race. And thus, when Qui-Gon made the agreement with Watto, he became somewhat loyal to Qui-Gon for his help. During that scene on Tatooine, Anakin also reveals his "dream of being a Jedi." This is the first time he expresses that he actually wants to be a Jedi, even if it means leaving his mother behind. When the Jedi Council object to having Anakin be Qui-Gon's padawan learner, you can clearly see the rebellion in his eyes and the resentment in his face. After Qui-Gon's death, Obiwan takes Anakin on as his apprentice and thus forms a loyal relationship with Obiwan to attain his dream of being a Jedi. In Episode 2, we will see Anakin cater to a new desire - the desire to free his mother. The Jedi Council and Obiwan will object to this course of action, because it would be against the Jedi code to disrupt a way of life (or is that the Star Trek Federation Prime Directive?). Either way, the Jedi will object, and we will see the resentment and rebellious nature of Anakin Skywalker. During this time, Palpatine will secretly provide Anakin with the necessary resources to free his mother. Hence, Anakin will begin to form his bond with Palpatine. The "Chancellor" will help Anakin regain his mother in a plot to have him slowly begin his path to the Dark Side. Palpatine will then reveal to Anakin that he, too, is strong with the Force and that the Dark Side is not as the Jedi Council have preached. Rather, it is the side of the Force that makes them strong. It is when a Jedi uses the Dark Side that he achieves insurmountable goals and accomplishes great feats. It is when Obiwan uses his rage that he is able to strike down Darth Maul. It is when Anakin embraces the Dark Side that he is able to free his mother by himself. Anakin will begin to see this as true and will begin to side more with Palpatine than with the Jedi who appear to be holding him back.
  • Submitted by wonkoTHESANE (June 24):

  • The purpose of Episode One was to firstly explain the discovery of Anakin and the background to Obi-wan's character, basically denoting the beginning of the Emporers rise to power. You'll notice that stated there is always two, a master and an apprentice... Basically Darth Sidious/Senator Palpatine requires anew apprentice, hence his interest in Anakin... Darth Maul does not return and nor does Qui-Gon, however Jedi spirits return. Jar Jar Binks returns to forfil his reason for existing (or at least we really really really hope so), and Anakin gets it on with Queen Amidala (Obvious). At this piont Anakin MUST detatch himself from his reality because he must never know of Amidala becoming preganat. Hence the logical conclusion is by the end of this film Anakin wil be at the side of Darth Sidious. Anakins mother also needs to be killed or simply die, this may help persuade Anakin to join the Dark Side however unlikely, C3PO returns but does not join R2D2 with Obi-Wan, becuase in ANH C3PO has no idea who he is. The tool George will use to create tension in this film as he did with the Trade Blockade and invasion will be the clone wars. Most likely the word clone is incidental but who knows. If they are clones then we should see the introduction of Stormtroopers, tie fighters, Victory Class Star Destroyers etc etc... Overall The whole idea of Ep 2 is alot more serious and not the fun re-introduction of Ep 1... Will we see turmoil at then end when something is revealed or will the cliff hanger be a silly as Amidala being pregnant. Or do we find out that in fact some one else joins the 'family', does Jar Jar have something top do with it... Or most of all will Boba Fetts True identity be revealed... I can only hope that is the case because he and Darth Vadar have a past together. Plus do we get to see a younger Han Solo? When does Gardulla the Hutt bite the dust, when does Jabba lose his power, Does the Vice Chancellor play a role from the first film? does anyone have answers to these if so pls post them on this page...
  • Submitted by darth john (June 23):

  • I got a big speculation. For "Episode II: The Clone Wars" darth maul's clone will return for revenge against obi-won kenobi. Half of the jedi will be destroyed in their fight against the mandalorians. Qui-Gon-Jinn's not dissapearing will be explained. Obi-won may have to fight one of his evil clones. In episode III anakin will take the emperor's side after defeating the cloned maul, then he will kenobi and fall into a lava pit. The emperor will then construct him into vader. Sometime in episode 2 shmi skywalker will be killed. Also anakin will marry the queen who will become pregnant with twins. Vader will go on a rampage killing all the jedi and his wife but not before luke and lea are born. Kenobi and yoda will then go into hidding waiting for a new hope. There is much more for me to say but these are the basic details.
  • Submitted by JoroJr (June 23):

  • Darth Maul will not return in any form whatsoever. EP II takes places approximately 10 years after EP I, more than enough time for Darth Sidious to find and train another apprentice. Plus it would be pretty dumb/predictable to have him come back as a clone, or something similar to Darth Vader.

  • Qui-Gon Jinn will NOT return in the form as an aparition. Remember that he did not choose to die, and thus did not disappear.

  • There will be alot of discourse in the Jedi Council over how to handle the threat of the Mandalorians. Unable to come to agree to one plan of action, the Jedi Knights will be broken down into smaller factions who deal with the Mandalorians their own separate ways. Each faction will be lead by a separate member of the Jedi Council. This makes it easier for Vader to later on hunt down and kill the Jedi during the great purge. Like the old saying goes, "United we stand, divided we fall."

  • We will see Mace Windu wield his light saber against the new Sith Apprentice. The outcome of this confrontation will be a stalemate, but Mace Windu will leave severely wounded and the Apprentice will not.

  • Anakin's dream comes true, he does return to Tatooine to free slaves and his. Just as Luke went to Cloud City to save Han and Leia without the approval of Master Yoda, he goes without the approval of Obi-wan.

  • He does however have the full approval of Chancellor Palpatine, who provides all the necessary resources to help and even accompanies him to Tatooine. His excuse for going is that the presence of the Supreme Chancellor will tell the Hutts and slave owners they are serious.

  • This is when Palpatine reveals to Anakin, and only Anakin that he too is a user of the force, but convinces him that the Dark Side is not as evil as he has been instructed by Obi-wan. Palpatine convinces Anakin that only the Dark Side is strong enough to bring justice and order to the Galaxy, and the Jedi only put it down because they cannot control it like the Sith.

  • Something staged happens to Shmi and Anakin blames the Jedi Council for her death. Thus begins his path towards the dark side.

  • The clones are actually senators who have been secretly replaced by Palpatine so they support his self-coronation as emporer. This technology will be later used in the production of Storm Troopers when the Chancellor becomes the emporer.

  • Naboo is destroyed by the Madalorians, also wiping out the Gungans. Thus Amidala takes up residence on Alderaan. Her assigned protectors are Obi-wan and Anakin. Bail Organa takes an interest in Amidala, thus setting Anakin on a jealous rage that also compounds in the reason why he goes towards the Dark Side. Even after they are married, he is still Jealous and untrusting.
  • Submitted by Jason (June 23):

  • Opens with some random Jedi walking along on some planet. They are suddenly and violently struck down by the new badguy Darth Detori. He radios to Darth Sid "They're gone. The system is clean" and then flies away.

  • cuts to Anakin being trained by ObiWan. they argue and Ani doesn't listen real well.

  • Ani says basically "enough of this waste of time" and takes off for Tatooine.

  • Once there he finds his mom, and then she is murdered as part of a plot of Sidious to corrupt and bring anger to Anakin. Before he is able catch and kill the assassin in revenge, he's called by Amidala, who now has no idea who to turn to, for, you see, Chancellor Palpatine has just declared himself emperor. He goes back to get her, and they both speed off to Coruscant. The cloned Obi-Wan contacts Sidious and tells him the plan is proceeding.

  • Meanwhile, cutting back to Obi-Wan. He is attempting to find out what is happening to various missing Jedi. He travels to an outlying system, where he finds who appears to be Qui-Gonn, but who then attacks him, acting like he doesn't know Obi-Wan. They fight to a standstill and Obi-Wan gets away, to learn that the empire is cloning old Jedi, then hunting them down and destroying them with teh Clones. ObiWan leaves the planet, hunted by his former master.

  • Cut back to Ani and Amidala, who are having a private romantic moment where they realize they're in love. She says it wont work because she's a queen and he's a Jedi, and he says he quits the Jedi then, what have they done for him. They are confronted by Palpatine, who tells Anakin the Jedi killed his mother, and he seeks Anakin's help in hunting down the agressors. Amidala doesn't buy it but is too in love to care, and just wants Anakin to herself.

  • Cut to the Jedi Council. Alarmed at the missing Jedi, they are contacted by Obi-Wan who tells them what he has learned. Yoda has since retired (to no one knows where) and Mace Windu is in charge. He says that something must be done (but it's too late) for several Coucil members have been switched already, Detori attacks and fights Windu, and is killed by Windu, but Windu is struck down from behind by cloned Qui-Gonn. Mace is lying on the ground, dying from a saber blow, when Sidious walks in and takes off his hood, revelaing that he is Palpatine. Qui-Gonn-Clone bows and calls him master. Windu dies.

  • Obi-Wan, finally catches up with Anakin, and is mad he left. He needs Anakin's help, but Anakin is furious about his mother and is blaming all the Jedi (no accounting for logic). Obi-Wan tells Anakin of the cloning but Anakin doesn't care, says he is in love and getting married, and is no longer a Jedi, and "they can do whatever they wish." Anakin says if not for their former friendship he would kill Obi-Wan right then, and says next time they meet he will do so. ObiWan watches as Anakin takes off his robes and leaves with Amidala for Naboo where they are married.

  • Obi-Wan goes the council to report all this and finds the dead members and signs of a battle. Qui-Gonn-Clone is waiting and says "I knew you would come here eventually." They battle and Obi-Wan kills Qui-Gonn's clone after Ghosty Qui-Gonn appears and helps Obi-wan in battle.

  • Final scene is Palpatine declaring an Empire and calling for a hunt of all Jedi "as they are now outdated and evil controlling manipulators." Obi-Wan flees Coruscant and looks out the window of his ship as sad music plays....
    10 years later.

    Episode III

  • Opens with Obi-wan landing on Dagobah, where he seeks out Yoda. He tells Yoda that the Jedi have been killed, he's one of the last few left. He asks for help. Yoda tells him he must confront the "chosen one" (do we see history repeating itself here?) as the only hope they have is that Anakin help them. Obi-Wan has spent hte last ten years organizing resistence and fighting the clones

  • Amidala is pregnant she finds, but in fear of her husband who is now hunting and killing Jedi. He treats her poorly and then strikes her once. She flees to the only person/place she thinks can help, Obi-Wan. They meet on the rebellion's main base, and she tells him she is pregnant with twins. He tells her they must be kept from Anakin and split up, and says he will take the boy.

  • Obi-wan becomes a general, and the large group assembled to stop the Empire (who now has stormtroopers and tie-fighters), starts a massive battle. It is clear that Anakin is leading the battle with Jedi powers, so Obi-Wan realizes he has to try to save/confront Anakin, and steals into the enemies' base. Anakin senses him and they confront each other. Anakin asks where his wife and child is and Obi-Wan says "safe from you" and Anakin attacks. They have MASSIVE lightsaber battle while the other battle continues to rage (the course of the battle in space mirrors the lightsaber), but the rebels are too few and it is clear they will lose. Amidala contacts ObiWan with a transmitter and says they must withdraw, and Anakin tries to stop them. ObiWan defeats Anakin and he is burned terribly, wrecking his body (requiring the suit) and then he flees at the last moment before the Empire destroys the remaining rebellion's fleet.

  • Next scene is Vader in full gear kneeling before the emperor and asking forgiveness for failure, and the emperor says "it looks like you have already paid the price, Darth Vader", and besides, the rebellion is crushed an no longer a threat.

  • Final scene is Amidala giving birth to the twins, Obi-Wan saying he will take care of them as they are the only hope for the galaxy.
  • Submitted by anonymous (June 23):

  • Darth Maul is not dead, with the technology they can rebuild him. Remember that Anakin falls into a molten pit and survives.

  • Darth Maul is actually Anakins father, who will kill Shmi Skywalker in front of Anakin (all concoted by the emperor). This will put Anakin into a fit of rage, where he will kill Darth Maul and go completely over to the darkside. This also starts the cycle of killing your father, which the emperor trys to have Luke do in ROTJ.

  • It was unclear at first why there eas an attack on Naboo, but here is my speculation. The planet didn't matter, it was the conflict that was required. Naboo was picked because it was an outlying planet, not heavily armed, and the home planet of Palpatine. His entire goal is to get elected supreme chancellor, so he attacks his home planet to work the sympathy angle.
  • Anakin's Fall Dedicated to speculation about Anakin`s fall to the darkside.
    Submitted by Eric Johnston (22 August):

    In Episode I, we've come to learn that the man behind the mask is without a father...supposedly. To be quite honest I hate the idea of the Immaculate Conception taking place in the Star Wars universe...and I'm pleased to say that this reputable source has learned otherwise. It's been tipped to me the true revelation behind Anakin Skywalker...He has a father. His name unknown, here is his story.

    Anakin's father was a Jedi Master; in fact, he was originally as high as Yoda. He sat on the Jedi Council for years, however, never taking an apprentice. Feeling unfulfilled, he approached the Council with a request: To learn the ways of the Dark Side. He wanted to experiment, to see if an equal balance between the two sides could be reached. After careful consideration, Yoda decided to let him proceed. Under constant surveillance by the council, he attempted to harmonize the two. Meanwhile he was married to Anakin's mother and they lived on Corsucant together. After 4 years of trying, the council decided that he had failed. Now he was an even greater threat, an out-of-control Jedi driven by the Dark Side. With still some good in the Force driving him, he decided to flee Corsucant to Dagobah without his wife, feeling he was a danger to her. Because he always wanted a child, and fearing what the Jedi Council would do if they discovered he had offspring, he used advanced time-released techniques, implanting his wife with his gene code so that she would give birth to a child 17 months after he fled to Dagobah.

    After 15 years of living on Dagobah and struggling with the Dark Side (thus the presence of the Dark Cave), Anakin's father finally succeeded. Now, with the awesome combined power of both sides of the Force, Anakin's father returns in Episode III to free his son and Obi-wan from the hands a new evil Sith Lord. Let's just say it will be the best Lightsaber duel ever! After freeing his son, he soon passes away, as the Dark Side drains the life force from him. Anakin believes that if his father could create a balance, he could as well, however Anakin tries to quickly and fails. Anakin's greed causes him to loose sight of what is right and wrong, and the Dark Side begins to encompass him. Senator Palpatine then begins to take great interest in Anakin (a.k.a. Darth Vader). As for his father, the Jedi's never speak of him, and only Yoda has knowledge of his presence on Dagobah, since Yoda secretly went to Dagobah to assist Anakin's father in his quest. I cannot wait for this episode!!

    J. M. (24 June):

  • I agree that Anakin is very prideful but he also has quite a lust for power. In the book it mentions the reason of why he loves pod racing so much. He loves the feeling of power that it gives him. In teh trilogy, Darth Vader often tries to disuade Luke using the statement, "You don't know the power of the darkside..." Mentioned in the book Return of the Jedi when Ben tells Luke of his father's downfall, he mentions that vader was seduced by what he found in the darkside. I think pride may have a lot to do with Anakin's downfall, but the issues of power and losing his mother also play a big role.

  • The book for the Phantom Menace also explains the history of the Sith. AT one time there were many of them founded by a renegade Jedi. Eventually, power hungary and lustful, they destroyed one another - save one. He learned the value of patience and never again would there be allowed more than two Sith Lords - A master and an apprentice.
  • Submitted by Darth Bob (23 June):

  • Just as Luke was drawn away from his training in ESB, I believe that Anakin will be drawn away from his by feelings of fear about his mother's safety. This time, when he find her dead, he blames Obi-Wan and the Jedi Council, and Palpatine then seeks him out. Yet, he will not turn dark yet....

  • Obi-Wan and Anakin will battle at the end of Episode II. Anakin will be nearly-killed, and in the end we will see Palpatine sitting by his hospital bedside....
  • Submitted by two DC fans (23 June):

  • The power of the dark side is going to be under-estimated. Anakin is going to try and get the Republic (via the new chancellor) involved in Tatooine to abolish slavery, and free Shmi. (However, we know that Anakin must return )" I had a dream that I was a Jedi and I came back and freed all the slaves." With his high midichlorian count he could be able to see the future. It is all going to go down on Tatooine. Both Anakin and Obi-Wan will fall from grace, probably because they both have issues with pride (pride comes before the fall) and their destiny demands a confrontation (before the one in a New Hope of course). Anakin is going to get in too deep with the chancellor and isn't going to be able to get out. Obi Wan will make the decision to try and destroy Anakin (rather than having Anakin on the dark side.) He will win and think he is leaving Anakin for dead. Anakin is not dead of course, and the emperor/chancellor will find him and resurrect him, with the help of a mechanical suit. We think it is Anakin himself that is going to kill Amidala and the rest of Jedi council. This is all speculation of course, but does fit in nicely with a lot of the other themes and continuing story of Star Wars.
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