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  One of the biggest dreams of any Star Wars fan is to be in the Prequels. NaboOnline gets around 5 requests each day about how to do so. So, we have here compiled what we know:

1. On a Star Wars chat (June 07) with Lucasfilm Casting Director Robin Gurland, she said that the casting calls will be posted on starwars.com. Note that it has been said that casting will be starting in January 2000 at the earliest.

2. If you are interested in a role larger than just being an extra, it is almost impossible to get such a role without a agent. Natrually, if you want such a role, you need:

a. Talent
b. Above average looks
c. An Agent
d. Headshots and Resume
e. Good Work ethic

3. If you have no agent, then youcan still try and send a resume and headshot.

4. Remember that it seems that Lucasfilm will use 20th Century Fox's Australia Studio for filming (and not the one in England). However, Lucas always likes to use British actors. Other locations include Tunesia and probably Italy (Naboo Palace).

5. In order to contact Lucasfilm, use their main address:

LucasFilm, Ltd.
Robin Gurland, casting
P.O. Box 2009
San Rafael, CA 94912

If you are interested in being an extra, the best way is to contact a 20th Century Fox studio near you or a acting school, as extra calls go to them and are not handled by Lucasfilm.

Got any other info? Send it here. Some info was taken off Episodeii.com.


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