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Can you believe it? 22 years of Star Wars, and the hype is still not over. The critics easily forget the true reason for the popularity of Star Wars: it was the first movie that awed us in our childhood. It is something beyond description, nostalgia is not strong enough of a feeling. Obsession? Perhaps too strong. But when you see people camp to get a ticket for The Phantom Menace, one starts to wonder about the real meaning of Star Wars. However, it is probably concealed in that small region in your body, that not-often used organ called the heart.

Yoda once said (or will say?) that he looks good for an 800 year old. Who would have thought that Star Wars would still after 22 years be such a hot topic? Check out these critics of Star Wars:

I know two market-playing movie nuts who placed orders with their brokers minutes after seeing the film. More and more the studios are relying on the ability of a handful of talented young filmmakers to deliver them from banality or bankruptcy in the clutch. In "Star Wars" George Lucas has supplied 20th Century-Fox with a new lease on life. - Read in full

A LONG TIME AGO in a galaxy far, far away, the force was not with us. It had seemed almost to die out, a lost vapor of a dead world.

It was a confused time. Old empires had fallen as new technologies came to the fore. The ancient formulas had lost their magic; the palaces of the great cities were disintegrating and only crude outstations remained as keepers of the tradition. The people grumbled; many had lost faith. It wasn't the best of times, it was the worst of times.

By the way, I'm talking about 1977, for crying out loud, and the empire of the movies. Consider the junk of 1977, one of those awful years where the best Hollywood could muster was creaky retreads. The pop movie summer was a desert of hopeless American drivel: "Airport '77," "Final Chapter -- Walking Tall," "King Kong," "The Enforcer" and "A Star Is Born."

Then, in early June, all that changed. The rebellion arrived, led by a new hero: George Lucas rewrote the past and the future of the American movie, both as an industry and as an art form, with a sprawling space opera that drew on such disparate antecedents as "Triumph of the Will," "Robin Hood," "The Searchers," Midway (the battle, not the movie) and recombined them into a mythological alloy upon which he would found an empire. He also invented a vocabulary in which most American films would forever be made, to greater or lesser ends. Most important, he gave a lot of people a lot of fun; he touched a lot of lives.

The force was "Star Wars." - Read in full

Sure, the special effects wizardry seen in Star Wars is put in aid of a pure 1930s space opera pulp story, and not in metaphysical speculation like 2001. But try explaining that to that 10-year-old kid . . . - Read in full

My favourite line in this review: Should be a very big success. Talk about understatement.

Star Wars, George Lucas's first film since his terrifically successful American Graffiti, is the movie that the teen-agers in "American Graffiti" would have broken their necks to see. It's also the movie that's going to entertain a lot of contemporary folk who have a soft spot for the virtually ritualized manners of comic-book adventure. - Read in full

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