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Prequel Fan Fiction

EPISODE I THE WAYS OF THE FORCE by Matthew (Thatguy173@aol.com)
EPISODE II BIRTH OF THE EMPIRE by Matthew (Thatguy173@aol.com)
EPISODE III DARK JEDI REVENGE by Matthew (Thatguy173@aol.com)
FALL OF THE REPUBLIC (1983) by John L. Flynn

Star Wars Fan Fiction

CLONE REPUBLIC PROLOGUE by Sameer Ketkar (ketkarsa@singnet.com.sg)
File is 60 pages long THE CLONE REPUBLIC by Sameer Ketkar (ketkarsa@singnet.com.sg)
Clone Republic files are in .doc format EPILOGUE by Sameer Ketkar (ketkarsa@singnet.com.sg)
PULP WARS Parody of Pulp Fiction, set in the Star Wars universe
File in .html format PULP WARS by Parveen Boora (boorps@uleth.ca)

Do you have some fan fiction you want to post? If yes, send me it. Be sure to mention how you want to be credited (name, e-mail address, etc.).

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