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Episode III



Episode III will be the darkest movie of the prequels. Lucas has said that it will make half of the money the other movies due to its dark themes. Natalie Portman is confirmed to reprise her role as Queen Amidala. The actors who will play Anakin in Episode II will also return. James Earl Jones will do a voice over for Anakin once he becomes Darth Vader.

The most likely ending is the birth of Anakin's children and how they were hidden by Obi-Wan.

Here are titles rumoured for Episode IIII:
  • Fall of the Jedi   
  • Fall of the Republic
    Production Staff:

  • George Lucas (Screenwriter, Executive Producer)
  • Rick McCallum (Producer)
  • Robin Gurland (Casting Director)
  • Gavin Bocquet (Production Designer)
  • Dennis Muren and Industrial Light & Magic (Special Effects)
  • Doug Chiang (Art Supervisor)
  • James Earl Jones (will dub Vader's voice)


    This Episode will take place directly after Episode II (around 1-2 years difference).

    Anakin becomes the Lord of the Sith Darth Vader

    • A popular belief is that only two Lords of the Sith can exist at the same time. Most say that they are Darth vader and the Emperor. It seems that the Emperor is a Sith Lord, but it has never been proven. Some say that when Darth Vader told Luke that they could rule the galaxy as "Father and Son", he is impling that only two can exist.
    • I recieved word from a source that there can only be one Lord of the Sith. He reasons that we never know if Palpatine was a Sith Lord. The only Sith Lord we know is Darth Vader. Vader does not offer Luke to become a Lord of the Sith. Not all Dark Jedi are Sith members, he states. The Sith religion uses the Dark Side, it is not the Dark Side.

    These rumours were taken from the 1984 "script", which most will know is a total fake. But there is always some truth in everything:

  • The Kaiburr Crystal (Splinter of the Mind's Eye) is the cause for him to go to the Dark Side.
  • Here is a detailed account of his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi   
  • The location of his fall is the volcanic world of Sigma Vulcanus   
  • There, he uncovers the Kaiburr Crystal   
  • Before he can bring it back to Palapatine, he encounters Kenobi.   
  • They fight and Anakin looses his Lightsaber. As he tries to reach for it, a cataclysmic earthquake rocks the planet, throwing Anakin (with the crystal) into the boiling lava   
  • Kenobi, with tears in his eyes and anguish in his heart, picks up Anakin's saber (which he gives to Luke in ANH) and leaves

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