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Step #1: Pick a picture
Please select a picture from the list below. Clicking on the image itself will bring you to the laerger version of it.

Darth Maul
Rudolf the Red-Horned Jedi
Jar Jar Binks
The New Rudolf!
Battle Droids
Lets Sleigh Together!
Naboo Guards with Queen
Where Are The Presents?!
Anakin Skywalker
You've Been A Good Boy, Right?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
I Was A Bad Boy! So What?
No Christmas On Naboo?

Step #2: Name and e-mail information
In the boxes below, please enter both your's and the recipient's name and e-mail addresses.

Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Recipient's Name:
Recipient's E-Mail Address:

Step #3: Select your text and background colors
Using the two pulldowns below, please select your text and background colors. The script will not check to see if you have both colors set the same, so if you want your recipient to be able to read the card, please select two different colors!


Step #4: Enter the title & message
In the box below, please enter your message. Please feel free to use HTML to express yourself!

Card Title
Your Message

Step #5: Sign your ecard
Please fill in below, how you would like to sign your card. Examples would be:
  • Love, a Gungun
  • Yeahhhha, Mike
  • Me! (not mini)

- Music is currently not allowed

STEP #6: Proceed to preview or start over
You are now ready to preview your card! To do so, just click on the PREVIEW button below. If you want to clear the form and start all over, select START-OVER. Your card will not be sent until you press the SEND-CARD button on the preview screen.


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