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Originally formed in March 1997 as SciFI Advance: The Prequel Trilogy, our philosphy is simple: to serve fans the newest information, while not overwhelming them with rumours as other sites do (which they often take from theforce.net).

Instead, we took the niche market of informing the fans with news. One of our strengths was the Prequel Mailing List, the first Prequel discussion-based mailing list.

Now, as NaboOnline.com, we concentrate on expanding these services. We expanded our discussion features with a new message board system, far superior to our old one. We also have moved the discussion and update mailing lists to our server to garantee faster response time. New features include the humour section, entiteld BaboOnline (Baboon Online), making us the first Star Wars site to make a parody site of ourselves.

If you are interested in helping out NaboOnline, contact me.

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