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Here is a list of what we regard as being well-designed prequel related sites. If you want yours to be added, submit it here.

  • The Official Star Wars Website.
  • The Force.net has the newest rumours from the Prequels.
  • NewsDroid is the CNN of Starwars, reporting news from many sites.
  • SwFans.net is a well designed daily-news site with a pretty good satire section.
  • The Imperial Outpost features a huge collection of high-quality images from all Star Wars movies
  • Bantha Tracks is the biggest online Star Wars Search Engine.
  • The-PhantomMeance.com is a Star Wars directory.
  • StarWars Chicks is about Star Wars, female style.
  • Aint-It-Cool-News features the newest info/rumours from tv and film.
  • The Fall - Dedicated to Episode III

    SWFANS.NET Imperial Outpost. The-PhantomMenace.com - Your Gateway to the Star Wars Universe...

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